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ingestible electronics

Ingestible Electronics Update: MIT and Stanford’s Midfield Transmission

A research team from three different institutions joined forces to devise a technique to wirelessly power ingestible electronics, which could then remain inside the body indefinitely. We have recently covered five of the latest breakthroughs...
childhood development

Touchscreens Might Interfere with Childhood Development

Welcome to the future, where a constant concern for every parent is how much "screen time" their kids should have in a world filled with myriad sources of blue light. As it turns out,...
drug delivery systems

5 Advances in Drug Delivery Systems That Illustrate Industry 4.0 Themes

In recent years, the development of new drug delivery systems has witnessed significant growth. Pharmaceutical companies and laboratories have devoted substantial R&D budgets to develop and integrate novel drug delivery devices. "It's going to seem...