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paris accord

How China Went From Paris Accord Outsider to Leading the Talks

In a surprising move, China turns from coal to cleaner energy sources as the U.S. and other global leaders fall behind. We're only human, and the truth is we only tend to care about something...
social media

Why do you Think Social Media Needs a Travel Mode?

Arriving at a U.S. border, visitors may have to hand their phones and social media passwords to TSA agents. Travel Mode could be added to social media to reduce the information surrendered to travel...

Happy 420! How China is Positioned to Dominate the Marijuana Market

Now, one in five Americans (about 63 million people) lives in a state where recreational use of marijuana is legal. The “green rush” has already kicked off in the U.S., its status as a...
ajit pai

Net Neutrality: Who is Pushing Back on the Ajit Pai Regulatory Compromise?

Trump's new FCC chairman, Ajit Pai, has successfully pushed for the removal of Obama-era net neutrality regulations. His plan, which he has not fully detailed, includes handing over net neutrality policing to the more lax...

How This Algorithm is Fighting Partisan Gerrymandering

As humans create technology, how can it ever really play a neutral role in politics? A new supercomputer algorithm built to beat gerrymandering shows the way, but present day examples show otherwise. Gerrymandering is the deliberate...

How Boeing is Cutting Costs with 3D-Printed Titanium

Norsk Titanium AS announced a contract with Boeing to deliver 3D-printed structural titanium parts. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner, the first commercial airplane to use additive-manufactured titanium structural parts, would see its production costs cut...
coal jobs

Turning old Coal Jobs Into new Drone Jobs

In less than a decade, over 400 coal plants shut down in the United States and with them 83,000 jobs were lost. During his campaign, Donald Trump promised to revive the coal industry. Instead...

NASA is Back With 3 new Ambitious Goals

With the opening of low-Earth orbit duties to the private sector, Trump-era funding cuts, and the U.S. government turning away from research into climate change, NASA is downsizing considerably. Most laid-off engineers in the Houston area...