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evolutionary theory

This Study Just Changed Evolutionary Theory for Good

Evolution: the way in which organisms change in accordance with their surroundings and in reaction to other organisms. Despite contention to its existence, the theory of evolution continues to unfold and adapt--much like the proposition...

How AI and Clean Energy can Reduce Overpopulation Woes

As the global population increases and centuries-old infrastructure ages, old world energy shortages will resurface. SLAC researchers leverage AI to help with this problem. Overpopulation is becoming more of a threat as we approach 7.5...
negative mass

This Negative Acceleration Milestone Might Translate to Negative Mass and FTL Travel

Researchers have created a fluid with negative mass that exhibits heretofore theorized behavior. This anomalous matter created in lab demonstrates the debated scientific hypothesis of negative mass. Imagine kicking a ball, and instead of rolling...