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knot theory

Knot Theory: The World Inside Your Shoe Laces

William Thomson once theorized that atoms were knots formed from ethereal vortices. He was wrong, but the successive research created knot theory and may shed light on the structure of proteins and DNA.  Thomson was...

A Fractal Makes up the Cytoskeleton and Determines Cellular Processes

Cellular activity is governed by a complex system of communication that involves the cell membrane. For the first time, a multidisciplinary team of researchers has been able to observe, in real-time, the cellular process...
art rosenfeld

RIP Art Rosenfeld, Godfather of Energy Efficiency

After spending a lifetime fighting for energy efficiency and innovation, famous physicist Arthur Hinton Rosenfeld died Friday, January 27, 2017, at age 90. When the Iran oil embargo struck the U.S. in 1973, Art Rosenfeld...