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Check out These Hilarious Future Tech Predictions From “Soonish”

We live in a time of exciting technological progress. But what will be the societal, economic, and ethical repercussions of 10 emerging technologies? Two science writers try to answer these questions and more in...

How AT&T Bought This Wireless Carrier for 3x its Stock Price

We all know that AT&T is a big name in the wireless communications industry, but a recent move has shown us how willing they are to make a big purchase. And the reason they...
Video games are probably the first things we think of when we hear "Virtual Reality", but the new medium could also be a vector for empathy.

How VR Will Make Humanity More Responsible

Virtual Reality is blurring the lines between passive observation and active participation. Currently, VR is mostly visible in entertainment and clearly has potential to revolutionize education. But, the technology also has the power to...