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day of action

Net Neutrality Supporters Plan Internet-wide day of Action

July 12th is a big “day of action” for the proponents of net neutrality, as they plan something of a counter-attack to the FCC’s plan to repeal Title II rules. Last month, the FCC, led...
nvidia geforce experiencevideo

Nvidia Remote Cloud Gaming Means Nvidia GeForce Experience Without the Hardware

Nvidia is offering a new gaming subscription service with an impressive tech angle: All of the gaming power, none of the requirements. Windows is the OS of choice for PC gaming, and that is something...

Amazon’s Audible Brings Playwrights to Industry 4.0

With the advent of YouTube Red, Netflix, and podcasting the entertainment industry has shifted drastically within the past 5 years. Edgy Labs covers how corporate giants are responding to the changing climate. What if you...
reed hastings

5 Lessons From This Netflix Early Investor

Within two decades of existence, strategic choices have transformed Netflix from a simple DVD rental service to the flourishing, multifaceted business that it has become. According to early investor Mike Schuh, who spoke to CNBC,...
echo show

Amazon is Trying Social Commerce on for Size With the Echo Show

As Amazon Transitions To Social Commerce Edgy Labs Covers Security and Data-mining Concerns As Edgy Labs discussed last week, social commerce tactics like producing “platform for people to communicate” can seriously help your company. Successful...
net neutrality

Net Neutrality Update: Fallout From FCC Chair Ajit Pai’s Speech Last Week

Last Wednesday, April 26th, FCC chair Ajit Pai gave a speech to the Newseum, detailing his plan to repeal the 2015 Open Internet Order. Posted on the FCC website the next day, reactions to Pai's...

How Brick-and-Mortar Retailers are Trying to Stay Afloat (or not)

2017 might spell doom for retail stores as online shopping and e-commerce take hold of the consumer market. Many stores synonymous with the 20th-century American mall are closing down, and many others are struggling...
clean meat

Lab Burger Update: How Close are we to Scalable, Synthetic, Clean Meat?

In a world increasingly exposed to environmental threats and challenges, in-vitro meat seems to be a potential alternative to animal farming. Here’s an update on the matter. A gastro-technological revolution is looming, with several startups...
hulu vr

Netflix Equals Streaming, but Hulu VR is the Next big Thing

VR is not only about gaming. Streaming services have made big investments to ensure that entertainment will be provided in a virtual environment. Hulu issued an update to its Gear VR, allowing users to...
Uber Elevate

Flying Car Update: It Might be Happening With Uber Elevate

Time to rekindle the dream of the flying car as Uber recently committed to research and develop their own fleet of airborne vehicles. We wonder if the ride-hailing giant will overcome the multitude of...