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snapchat patent

Augmented Reality Snapchat Patent Means New Possibilities for e-Commerce

A recently published Snapchat patent protects a system for making augmented reality smoother while requiring less processing power. What will this mean for e-Commerce? This Snapchat patent, which was filed almost two years ago and published...

Avegant vs. Magic Leap: Augmented Reality Arms Race Update

Here, we examine the two front-runners in the race to bring us the perfect AR device. As the AR market coalesces from the wreckage of "Google Glass" and the less-than-stellar launch of commercial VR headsets,...
E-commerce AR

Test out new Furniture, try on new Clothes with E-commerce AR

A more interactive shopping experience is coming to a cell phone, tablet, and/or computer near you with the recent breakthroughs in AR and VR capabilities. With the advent of practical AR applications, the mall...
mixed reality lightfield

Magic Leap’s Mixed Reality Lightfield to Stun the VR World

Magic Leap is about to change the world with new VR/AR headset technology, promising to provide an experience so close to reality you will hardly be able to tell. Since 2011, the startup has...
wearable tech

Wearable Tech Regained Momentum Thanks to Magic Leap

The current state of wearable tech is lukewarm given high hopes for the industry in 2014. Estimates for 17 million wearables shipped worldwide that year came up well short. Investors took notice, too, as...