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Code-Mixing and Bilingual Speakers Will Drive Microsoft AI Personal Assistant Tech

Here at Edgy Labs, we’re deeply committed to following the development of AI and informing our readers of breakout technologies. Here, we cover Microsoft’s newest approaches to AI integration. Overall, AI is an intensely competitive...

Avegant vs. Magic Leap: Augmented Reality Arms Race Update

Here, we examine the two front-runners in the race to bring us the perfect AR device. As the AR market coalesces from the wreckage of "Google Glass" and the less-than-stellar launch of commercial VR headsets,...

Discover all the Biggest Launches From CES Las Vegas Right now

CES is a massive consumer electronic expo, and it's happening in Las Vegas this weekend. Here's a brief rundown on some of the tech that will be on display: Innovative Control Systems at CES Voice control...

Happy Birthday to Linux Creator Linus Torvalds!

Linux is one of the three dominant operating systems on the planet, but Linus Torvalds' own code only represents about two percent of the modern Linux kernel - a fact that proves what profound...
AI Architecture

Nvidia Unveils new AI Architecture at GTC 2016

Processing tech giant Intel and graphics hardware designer Nvidia are taking bold steps to tie AI Architecture into their products and businesses. At the same time, both of these companies are working to fill the holes...