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where you can promote your next content

7 Communities Where you can Promote Your Next Content

One of our worst fears: Spending hours of valuable time creating content and not knowing where to promote it. Luckily, we've gone down that road plenty of times and have learned how to solve that...
standalone vr headset

Facebook to Launch Standalone VR Headset in 2018

With tech giants like Samsung, Sony, HTC, and others investing more into expensive virtual reality (VR) hardware, Facebook announced its plan to unveil a ‘cheaper’ standalone VR headset later this year. In a report from Bloomberg,...

If Cryptocoins can be Social, why aren’t They on Facebook or Twitter?

Edgy Labs shows you how cryptocurrencies are being adopted as a social currency and explains how this will affect large-scale social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Imagine you could connect with other people online who...
optimizing facebook content

Optimizing Facebook Content With Dark Posts in 6 Steps

Dark Posts, also known as unpublished page posts are one of the killer features on Facebook. It allows you to test content with an audience other than your established fans. In this article, Edgy Labs...
Facebook Messenger ads

Facebook to Test Display Ads in its Messenger App

Social media network giant Facebook is now further monetizing Facebook Messenger. In a post on the company's Messenger blog site, Facebook announced the global beta expansion of Messenger ads. The post read: "Messenger is dedicated to...

If you Want Next Level Content Creation, Use Videos

According to CISCO's VNI Forcast, video traffic will make up 82% of consumer internet traffic by 2021. This has become increasingly apparent with Mark Zuckerberg announcing recently at the second quarter investors call that Facebook is...
best video editor

Best Video Editor Uses Deep Learning: Introducing the new FLO App

Edgy Labs covers FLO--the best video editor ever designed for everyday people. Thanks to Vine, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook more people than ever are showcasing their sense of humor and creative prowess through video. In...
future communities

Communal Living, Barter Systems, Shared Energy: What Will Future Communities Look Like?

As millennials build a reputation for debt, renting, and a constant subscription to the IoT, how will the places they live evolve?  Recently we published an article about Japan and how they are a living example...
machine learning tools

7 Machine Learning Tools for IIoT

Machine learning is a branch of AI that enables AI to retain the memory of past computations and utilize those outcomes to inform current solutions to complex problems.  Companies at the forefront of the machine learning field...
social commerce

Alibaba’s Revolutionary Social Commerce Leads the Way

If you're interested in what's going on with big business in the tech world, it pays to spare a glance at China's online marketplace. Globalization seems to make terms like "East " and "West" practically...