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Flavor Paper

Smart Home Update: Flavor Paper and UM Project Create Conductive Walls

Conductive inks could power switches and outlets without the need for wire circuitry. Two companies, Flavor Paper and UM Project have produced conductive wallpaper that turns walls into powerful works of art. Conductive Inks and...

What you Need to Know About Flipkart and the eBay India Gameplan

Flipkart, the Indian e-retailer, announced it had acquired eBay India while raising $1.4 billion USD from Microsoft and Tencent. The move is a part of Flipkartā€™s strategy to keep up with the two e-commerce...
using neuromarketing

Why These 4 Fortunate Companies are Using Neuromarketing

Neuromarketing applies established medical techniques to neuroscience to create next-gen advertising strategies. But, despite being one example of the interdisciplinary trend shaping Industry 4.0, using Neuromarketing also proves that we are still very much...