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google ai

Edgy Labs Prediction: Meet Andy, the Google AI

We've got a prediction for you. An AI named Andy will soon be your closest friend. One day soon, Google will announce the culmination of its entire AI research, development, and investment. "Yeah, but, Google Assistant . . ."...
best video editor

Best Video Editor Uses Deep Learning: Introducing the new FLO App

Edgy Labs covers FLO--the best video editor ever designed for everyday people. Thanks to Vine, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook more people than ever are showcasing their sense of humor and creative prowess through video. In...
know the difference between AI

Know the Difference Between AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning

AI is defined by many terms that crop up everywhere and are often used interchangeably. Read through to better know the difference between AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. Artificial Intelligence is, locally, a computer algorithm...

NVIDIA Stock is Predicted to Drop, but Brodmann17 Might be the Real Reason why

NVIDIA, despite having share prices on the rise, may be facing its toughest challenge yet: a new startup develops AI algorithms that eliminate the need for processing resources. It's been over 24 years since NVIDIA...

How “Hashing” Cuts Deep Learning Computations, Energy up to 95%

A new data-indexing technique could bring a breath of fresh air to the field of deep learning neural networks. Here's how "Hashing" could help lead us to the next big AI breakthrough. It seems that...
machine learning tools

7 Machine Learning Tools for IIoT

Machine learning is a branch of AI that enables AI to retain the memory of past computations and utilize those outcomes to inform current solutions to complex problems.  Companies at the forefront of the machine learning field...
nauto II

Why Helping People Drive Better With Nauto II Will Refine Autonomous Vehicles Tech

Distracted driving is a cause of road accidents that future, driverless vehicles promise to eliminate. Until then, certain startups teach AI to recognize common human mistakes. Unlike human brains that engage in multiple tasks--often failing...

Data Storage Appears to be Artificial Intelligence’s New Frontier

Data storage is often overlooked when people talk about AI technology, but without advanced storage tech, you can't have advanced AI. As AI functionality expands, so will data storage capacity. It seems like every time...

5 Ways you Already use AI

Since it was conceptualized in the 1950s, AI has taken major steps forward, driven by Big Data, powerful computing systems, and deep learning. In the “near” future, AI could radically alter the relationship between...
tree of knowledge

Quantum Computer Vision and the Tree of Knowledge

A group of scientists taught a quantum computer how to see trees from satellite and aerial photographs. Ironic as it may sound, the most advanced computer created by a human can only just now...