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Quantum Computer Vision and the Tree of Knowledge

A group of scientists taught a quantum computer how to see trees from satellite and aerial photographs. Ironic as it may sound, the most...

How Google’s new API Recognizes Objects in Videos

Google has just announced the Cloud Video Intelligence API. A one of a kind machine learning system, this new API allows developers to search...

Create Your own Chatbots with Dexter now; it’s Easy

Businesses developing apps is becoming obsolete, and instead, their focus is turning toward creating useful chatbots. Many major brands and professional developers have already embarked on...

How Artificial Intelligence Reverse Engineers the Biophysics of Cancer

AI and data analysis are a match made in heaven, and researchers are making liberal use of them in the landscape of modern medical...

4 Ways AI Will Improve Healthcare

Advances in AI are expanding the field's capabilties. As the Fourth Industrial Revolution promises to produce massive amounts of data, we will need AI...

Look Out! Microsoft Maluuba Startup Rivals WaveNet, DeepText

Microsoft has acquired a new startup that could introduce a new level of interaction and character to their AI efforts. Could this move give...

What Heuristics Study in Adolescents Means for Machine Learning

For AI, the “training” technique, in part, seeks to expand the knowledge base artificial intelligence to produce more accurate results in machine learning decision...
belief systems

Challenging People’s Belief Systems Impacts Deep Learning

New research suggests that changing a particular belief can affect one's assurance in other firmly held beliefs. As we learn more about the human...
multiple intelligences

The Theory of Multiple Intelligences and AI

One of the most commonly used methods of measuring human intelligence is the IQ test. However, this approach has received widespread criticism due to...
deep learning algorithm

Texas Researchers Create a new, Visual Deep Learning Algorithm

Researchers from Rice University and the Baylor College of Medicine have created a new type of neural network algorithm that allows machines to learn...