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Open Source Helps Power the new, Most Powerful IBM Quantum Processors to Date

As more and more companies turn towards open source development, new technologies normally reserved for government and military purposes are available for tinkering by the public domain.  Of the latest, most complex technological fields in...
tree of knowledge

Quantum Computer Vision and the Tree of Knowledge

A group of scientists taught a quantum computer how to see trees from satellite and aerial photographs. Ironic as it may sound, the most advanced computer created by a human can only just now...

D-Wave Update: VW and Others Upgrading to Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing is entering the commercial market years ahead of schedule. We wonder whether hybrid systems will bridge the gap to the future. You'd think that something like quantum computing would be super-secret. It's highly...
parallel universes

Where a Medieval Bishop, String Theory, and Quantum Computers Agree: Parallel Universes

What do Robert Grosseteste, bishop of Lincoln (1170-1253), the 'M' String Theory, and the current state of quantum supercomputing have in common? They all indicate that we exist in a universe of multiple dimensions.  As we...

Quantum Computing Won’t be Hacking Blockchain

Right now, quantum computers cost millions of dollars and are only used by governments and big data companies. But as the tech becomes more widely available, will quantum computing be able to hack even...
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Why Cloud Computing is Crucial for Industry 4.0

Cloud computing is crucial for the continuing development of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Cloud tech helps to pool and centralize information for your business, while also offering a platform for open source collaboration to...