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china is going cashless

China is Going Cashless and it’s not Because of Credit Cards

In a surprising turn of events, China, the country that introduced paper money to the world is now on track to phase out cash. Apparently, China has been relying heavily on smartphones to make payments...

The Google-Samsung-Oculus Love Triangle to be Overshadowed by Magic Leap

We are cautiously optimistic that VR is finally about to break big in the U.S... Between the Google-Samsung-Oculus love triangle and the eye-popping investments into Magic Leap, the stage is set. The Google-Samsung-Oculus Love Triangle Google's...
social commerce

Alibaba’s Revolutionary Social Commerce Leads the Way

If you're interested in what's going on with big business in the tech world, it pays to spare a glance at China's online marketplace. Globalization seems to make terms like "East " and "West" practically...

What you Need to Know About Flipkart and the eBay India Gameplan

Flipkart, the Indian e-retailer, announced it had acquired eBay India while raising $1.4 billion USD from Microsoft and Tencent. The move is a part of Flipkartā€™s strategy to keep up with the two e-commerce...

How Candy Impulse Buy Strategies Influence E-commerce

As grocery shopping online becomes more normalized in U.S. households, items from the beloved impulse buy section of check out aisles are struggling to keep up. Chew on This The sales of gum, chocolate candy and...