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happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July From our Top 20 American Innovators

This happy 4th of July we wanted to do something special, so we put together a list of our 20 favorite U.S. innovators. Every year, people in the United States like to celebrate the birth...
knot theory

Knot Theory: The World Inside Your Shoe Laces

William Thomson once theorized that atoms were knots formed from ethereal vortices. He was wrong, but the successive research created knot theory and may shed light on the structure of proteins and DNA.  Thomson was...

Proving Einstein Wrong: Rolling the Dice on Randomness in Quantum Mechanics

As it turns out, the human capacity for randomness might help us further our understanding of quantum mechanics. Read on to find out one way Einstein was wrong, and what that could mean for...
parallel universes

Where a Medieval Bishop, String Theory, and Quantum Computers Agree: Parallel Universes

What do Robert Grosseteste, bishop of Lincoln (1170-1253), the 'M' String Theory, and the current state of quantum supercomputing have in common? They all indicate that we exist in a universe of multiple dimensions.  As we...
diamond data storage

Why Diamond Data Storage is Forever

Some of humanity's earliest records were etched in stone. Perhaps urged by the desire to transmit knowledge, the human quest for data storage began with images on cave walls and techniques were crafted into...