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theresa may

Net Neutrality in Britain: It’s not About the London Bridge Attack

British Prime Minister Theresa May, citing the London Bridge Attack, has called for tough internet regulation to deny extremist ideology a "safe space". Is this a pretext for censorship? Despite an essentially borderless internet connection...
open internet

Net Neutrality Update: Obama era Open Internet Rules are out

As expected, the FCC voted to kick off the dismantling of Net Neutrality rules just two years after being approved. This constitutes a return to the Clinton-era Internet regulatory framework. In the space of a...
ajit pai

Net Neutrality: Who is Pushing Back on the Ajit Pai Regulatory Compromise?

Trump's new FCC chairman, Ajit Pai, has successfully pushed for the removal of Obama-era net neutrality regulations. His plan, which he has not fully detailed, includes handing over net neutrality policing to the more lax...