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Quantum Computer Vision and the Tree of Knowledge

A group of scientists taught a quantum computer how to see trees from satellite and aerial photographs. Ironic as it may sound, the most...
lie detecting

Lie Detecting: The Science of Statement Analysis

The science of statement analytics is being applied to AI as a more intuitive way to detect falsehoods. As lie detecting AI gets more...
standardized testing

Whether AI Makes Standardized Testing More Useful

Does Education mix well with AI? It may be possible when you consider the current system of standardized testing, making this a case of...

You Should Learn Python: Neuromorphic Chips are set to Replace CPUs

Artificial Intelligence is about to change dramatically with the use of neuromorphic chips. Using Python programming to create new algorithms, researchers are on their...

How Artificial Intelligence Reverse Engineers the Biophysics of Cancer

AI and data analysis are a match made in heaven, and researchers are making liberal use of them in the landscape of modern medical...

Cogito AI Helps Customer Service Agents be Sympathetic

While many routine tasks in customer service call centers already are or will be automated, direct human interaction in customer service may be all...

Automation: 9 Things you Still do Better Than a Machine

Here we compare human and AI efficiencies with certain abilities and tasks. Workplace automation worries many, but many others argue that AI is here...

5 Reasons why the Octopus Inspires Artificial Intelligence

In our quest to create artificial intelligence, we use neural networks that emulate the human mind. Is humanity the only source of inspiration for...
ai industry

How Asia Commits to Expanding their AI Industry

Asian nations made headlines in recent years by investing heavily in AI and robotics. Recently, MIT conducted a survey to gauge how those investments...

Look Out! Microsoft Maluuba Startup Rivals WaveNet, DeepText

Microsoft has acquired a new startup that could introduce a new level of interaction and character to their AI efforts. Could this move give...